About Us

World Brand Trading Ltd (WBT ) is an established worldwide trading organization with representation in the Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK and the USA. With a collective 15 years of industry experience as backing, we are recognized as one of the leading consolidators, traders and distributors of both branded and non-branded products. Our specialisation extends to distribution, logistics, consolidation, arbitrage, trade finance for manufacturers and manufacturer representatives, custom packaging for clients and other client specifications.

World Brand Trading Ltd.’s seamless track record is mirrored by an industry-diverse range of valued clients, including large multinational companies in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

At World Brand Trading Ltd., we aim to surpass client standards by offering innovative and intelligent solutions to optimize target market approach and income expansion. Our specialists are equipped with competitive skills in strategic business, marketing and economics to make it certain that our clients get the most effective and quality service. We are constantly updated with the latest market trends and developments to assist clients in maximizing their commercial potentials wherever they require.

As a serious business partner, World Brand Trading Ltd. delivers the finest solutions for executives to maximize their return on investments. Our profound industry knowledge allows us to supply clients with ingenious ideas that help them develop productivity and security. We fulfill our assurance so that our clients can create firm bonds with their customers, gain positive advancements and succeed in the trading place.

World class services and integral expertise fused with profound industry knowledge makes World Brand Trading Ltd. the perfect choice.